Forest Ranger Summer Camp

Why choose our camps?

Each camp week is designed as a safe and positive learning environment to discover our natural surroundings and the importance of them. We will get our boots dirty learning about nature from forests to fish, wildlife and natural resource management. Nobody can appreciate the great and wild outdoors from inside so we will be out adventuring every day! Our professional staff are extremely knowledgeable and well-trained.

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Camp Weeks – Summer 2020

Ages 8-12

There are no such things as ‘typical’ days, but what does a day look like?

Drop off is between 7:30am and 9am. During this time we hang playing games, doing crafts and getting gear loaded for our day. At 9 we head out field-trip style on the MCFT buses. Depending on our schedule we will spend the whole day exploring and adventuring at a nifty outdoor location. Bring on the bugs and weather! We stop for lunch and a couple of snack/sunscreen breaks but not much else. Rangers get to experience the real outdoors with limited access to “facilities” and only call it a day when it is time to head back. We’ll be back by 4:30pm for pick-up until 5:30pm. Water fights, field games and snoozin’ under a tree usually take up this time.

Tangled Trees

June 29-July3

Will you find tree ents or whomping willows in the soggy silver maple forests or tall pines we’ll explore as we discover the standing people around us? We will go canoeing, cruising and learn some local tree lore.

Ships n’ Shores

July 6-10

Don’t forget your swimming trunks as we find waterfalls, lakes and watersheds to dip our toes in. We’ll go canoeing, fishing and have a splash!

Wild Rangers

July 13-17

Let’s get outside and go WILD! We’ll look for critters, get dirty and have a blast. Find waterfalls, canoe, learn to survive, build forts and discover the great outdoors.

Wolf Pack

July 27-31

What is the law of the jungle? The wolf pack will be challenged with bushcraft, team building and timbersport games. Go fishing and learn to canoe too.


August 4-7

What is neat about nature? Almost EVERYTHING! We’ll dive into wild edibles, scout the river in canoes, learn about tree ID and discover creatures around us.

Beak’d Week

August 10-14

Peck up all your things and go! Nest boxes, bird surveys, grab your boots and duck into beakers of fun!