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Maritime College of Forest Technology — Continuing Education offers professional courses for working professionals to get certifications that might be needed from their employers. These courses are not just for students; they are open to the public and anyone can sign up for a course. 

Contacting Continuing Education

Todd MacPherson, CFT – Coordinator
Telephone: (506) 458-0649
Fax: (506) 458-0652


Effective July 3rd, 2020 COVID-19 rules are as follows: 

The province of New Brunswick is currently under an Emergency Order due to the ongoing pandemic. Here are our COVID-19 Protocols to attend our training:

  1. You must be residing in Atlantic Canada to attend.
  2. If you reside outside of Atlantic Canada you must quarantine for two weeks before attending.
  3. If you have recently travelled outside of Atlantic Canada, you must quarantine for two weeks before attending.
  4. If you have been in direct contact with any of 2 or 3 above, then you must quarantine for two weeks before attending.
  5. If you or any of your direct contacts are exhibiting any of the following symptoms, then you must not attend. From the NB Government Website:
    • Fever above 38°C or signs of fever (such as chills).
    • A new cough or worsening chronic cough.
    • Sore throat.
    • Runny nose.
    • A new onset of fatigue.
    • A new onset of muscle pain.
    • Loss of sense of taste or loss of sense of smell.
    • In children, purple markings on the fingers or toes. In this instance, testing will be done even if none of the other symptoms are present.
  6. Always maintain a 2-metre social distance buffer while attending our courses. 

Nova Scotia Watercourse Alteration Certification workshops WITH KYLE WERNER or LINTON CARR

Effective January 1, 2015 this course was divided into two separate courses:

Sizers Certification 

Planning, design, drainage area/basin delineation, calculations component 

Installers Certification 

Execution of plan, the in-stream work component

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Technical workshop Inland sedimentation & Erosion
With Kyle Werner

  • Water control measures when working in a watercourse ( how to work in isolation of water flow)
  • Erosion and sedimentation control
  • Materials used for structures in watercourse
  • Possible impacts of watercourse alterations
  • Erosion protection – Calculating rip-rap size
  • Project management / planing



Introduction to LiDAR: Productive use, ground trUTHING & enhanced forest inventory (EFI) WITH JIM BOWEN & Riley Côté-DeMerchant 

  • How LiDAR works
  • What can LiDAR do for you?
  • Understanding and using LiDAR-delivered products
  • Various tools
  • Practical exercises
  • What is enhanced forest inventory?
  • Ground truthing 

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  • Transport Canada TP 15263 compliant training to prepare you to become certified
  • Obtain restricted operator certificate – Aeronautical (ROC-A)
  • Know the law and learn how to prepare the required documentation

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Wetland Delineation Training with Ralph Tinnier

JTopics Covered:

  • Introduction to wetlands & their identification
  • Hydric soils & basic wetland delineation
  • Wetland delineation & problem wetlands
  • Interpretation of aerial imagery and use GIS for preliminary wetland detection

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Chainsaw safety, operation & maintenance certification

Topics covered: 

  • safety requirements & safe operating techniques
  • maintenance & troubleshooting (a well maintained saw is a safe saw)
  • filing & understanding chain design
  • work techniques:
  • directional felling
  • limbing
  • bucking
  • bore cutting



ATV Safety training

Make this training part of your safety program

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Wetland Ecosystems Services Protocol Atlantic Canada (WESP-AC) Training Course WITH Dr. PAUL ADAMUS

In Amherst, NS with Dr. Paul Adamus

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2020 Workshops
New Brunswick watercourse alteration certification /
Certification en modification des cours d’eau et des terres humide pour la province du NB

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Helicopter Safety

Hands on training:

  • Safe practices working around helicopters
  • Safe slinging practices for transport of goods
  • Safe approach and retreat from helicopters
  • Safe hover exit

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