Our city

The Maritime College of Forest Technology is located in the city of Fredericton; New Brunswick’s third largest city and the provincial capital.  The Fredericton metropolitan centre has a population of 56,000, and together with the greater Fredericton area (GFA) is home to upwards of 94,000 residents.  Fredericton is one of the country’s youngest cities, and between its various post-secondary institutions is home to over 13,000 students. Fredericton boasts all the amenities of a large city while still maintaining that small-town feel.  More and more people are choosing it as a destination for employment, education, and leisure.

Fredericton and the Greater Fredericton Region have been named as the Forest Capital of Canada for 2023. The designation by the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) kicks off a year-long celebration of the city’s urban forest, the larger ecosystem it helps bring to life and the benefits they bring to our community.

Lined with elm and willow trees, the Saint John River, which is part of the Canadian Heritage River System, divides the city into its northern and southern sides.  The Maritime College of Forest Technology is located in the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre, which sits atop the Regent Street hill – “The Hill” – on the city’s south side.  The campus is directly across the street from Fredericton’s largest mall and only 3km from downtown.

Fredericton is a vibrant community and a cultural epicentre of the Maritimes.  It has been named a Cultural Capital of Canada, one of North America’s ‘Cities of the Future,’ and twice one of the World’s Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year.  Its rich history, vibrant atmosphere, and pulsating culture make it a popular destination for visitors and students from near and far. Every fall Fredericton hosts the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival which attracts acts from around the world, and every winter organizes the Fredericton “Frostival” – both promising loads of fun for music enthusiasts.

Fredericton is a green city, with over 85 kilometers of multi-purpose trails that weave through the north and south sides, and flow along the waterfront. It also recognizes its urban forest as an extremely valuable resource, and protects 175 acres of old growth forest within the city limits.  On Saturday’s, the Boyce Farmers Market offers Fredericton residents the opportunity to purchase locally grown foods and sample diverse ethnic dishes.  Don’t forget to try your hand at striped bass or musky fishing in the Saint John River – you won’t be disappointed! The city of Fredericton has plenty to offer, and students who come here for their post-secondary education are sure to find their niche and call it home.